Rebranding or returning?

New logo for this blog; made in 3 minutes.

A couple of years back, I started a draft on this blog about a novel that I had just finished reading. Coincidentally, a couple of years back, I was also on my last months of Ph.D., writing a thesis and finding jobs and stuff. Those things, accompanied by the arrival of Covid, made everything in my life become a giant pile of mess.

I fought teeth and nail just to finish my thesis on time and defended it, and then continued by seeking and (thank God) finding a new job. It was not until almost two years later that I could finally start breathing again and reading books for the sake of reading.

This blog is an old one. But, just in case this is the first time you, a reader, are coming here, I started blogging here, mainly posting reviews of books and stories I’ve read, nine years ago (around 2013). It began as some side-project, and it grew a little bit in readership, mostly from my home country (Indonesia, in case you wondered). Further, it was written only in Indonesian because I used to write and read and speak only Indonesian. But, over time, ever since my moving to France for study, I started reading, writing, and speaking more languages, and after almost six years of living here, I can comfortably say that I want to (re)start blogging in English. And French, should I find interesting French books of course.

This blog’s name used to be “Baca Hujan” (literally means “Rain Reading,” mostly because I lived in a city where it rains a lot); however, I decided to change it to Litpicking. I wouldn’t even dare to do books reviews like I used to do; instead, I’ll just use this blog as my notes for my nitpicks because I’ve been doing that a lot, especially when I found an interesting book.


Here’s hoping we won’t get any other pleasant surprises along the way and for me to be able to write even more from now on!

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